General FAQ

Q: Is this a nut or a berry or a fruit or what?
A: Technically, it's actually a drupe, a fleshy fruit of which an outer flesh surrounds a pit or a large seed. Examples of other plants that produce drupes are lychees, rambutans, longans..
Q: Can I eat them then?
NO! Don’t even think about trying to! They are not edible.
Q: I have nut allergies, are SOAPNUTBERRY™ safe?
A: Since it’s a berry/fruit and not a nut, it is safe for all normal use. Many people with severe nut allergies have used SOAPNUTBERRY™ without having any known reactions or problems till to date. While it’s a wonderful solution for many users with skin allergies and other conditions as well, It is always best to take proper pre cautions and first wash a small load before washing an entire load.
Q: Are SOAPUTBERRY™ organic?
A: Although SOAPNUTBERRY™ does not have formal organic certification, they are not chemically treated or fumigated in any way. Our SOAPNUTBERRY™ are grown in the wild, so no fertilizers are used. The harvesters pick the fruit in much as the same way as a lychee or any other fruit, straight from the tree when ripe, thus maintaining the sustainability of the plants for generations to come. They are then dried on racks in the sun (without chemicals).
Q: How do I store SOAPNUTBERRY™?
As with other cleaners, we highly recommend that SOAPNUTBERRY™ should be kept out of reach from children and pets. Ensure they are placed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture . Airtight containers or vaccum seal bags are also great for long-term storage. If SOAPNUTBERRY™ liquid/powder goes into your eyes, rinse out with cold water immediately.
Q: There’s some halves SOAPNUTBERRY™ in here. Will these halves still work?
A: Yes, they will! The pieces can also be re-used, same as the whole SOAPNUTBERRY™. The saponins are contained within the skin of the Soapnutberry™. So any sized piece will still release saponins, be it whole, halves or powder. SOAPNUTBERRY™ are slit open during the deseeding process, and so sometimes the whole SOAPNUTBERRY™ breaks in two. We do not see any reason it should go to waste, which is why we allow some halves to get through during our hand sorting process.
Q: Some of SOAPNUTBERRY™ are really sticky. Is there something wrong?
A: SOAPNUTBERRY™ absorbs moisture easily, and will turn dark and sticky if left exposed to air, or in hot and humid weather. However, sticky SOAPNUTBERRY™ does not mean they have gone bad; they will still wash and clean as normal. Some people prefer sticky SOAPNUTBERRY™ because the saponins have been released.
Q: TOP vs FRONT loader ?
A: Both will get your job done well. On a side note, many front loading machines have internal electrical heating element to heat the wash water. We suggest reduce the number of SOAPNUTBERRY™ shells 2-3 each wash. For second wash, add another 2 (small load) or 3 (big load) NEW SOAPNUTBERRY™ to the reused old ones. Once done, reuse or discard old ones and repeat.
Q: Unlike commercial detergent, I do not see much foam produced. Are the SOAPNUTBERRY™ really cleaning my clothes?
A: Your clothes will wash perfectly well with little foam. The cleaning happens in the water, not in the foam. The foam that you see when using commercial detergent is becuase of the added artificial agent.
Q: SOAPNUTBERRY™ (shell and liquid) has a slight vinegar like scent. Will this scent transfer into my laundry or cleaning too?
A: No, it will not. Rather, your clothes will come out smelling amazingly fresh and clean, not a single trace of the vinegar like scent.
Q: Can I use bleach with SOAPNUTBERRY™?
A: Adding bleach will not affect the cleaning power of the SOAPNUTBERRY™. SOAPNUTBERRY™ do not have any added optical brighteners or enzymes to help remove stains unlike chemical detergents, so you will need to pre-treat stubborn stains prior to washing.