Harvested from wild himalayan mountain ranges, a fruit berry that yield saponins. 
No industrial processing whatsoever, SOAPNUTBERRY™ produce an all natural soap cleaning effect. 
Organic natural goodness, the way nature intended cleansing.

Sapindus Mukorossi

Soapnuts are golden berry fruits of the commonly known soapnut tree. The species Sapindus Mukorossi yields comparatively higher saponin content and grow wild in the natural Himalayan ranges of India and Nepal.

Natural Cleansing

The drupe of the soapnut being rich in saponins, acts as surfactant that reduce surface tension of water, resulting in cleansing actions.

Creative Use

Versatile soapnuts can be used in all manners of cleaning limited only by your imagination. Laundry, dishes, toilets, windows, furniture, floor, hand soap, body soap, shampoo... or anything that requires soap to clean.