Why Soapnuts?

The Dirty Secret; Dangers lurking in cleaning products

See that long list of ingredients on the back of the bottle? Many of these are not safe as you may think. Cleaning products are supposed to cleanse, protect our skin and keep our homes germ-free. However, there are harmful effects in many of ingredients.

Phthalates, Triclosan, Phosphates, Formaldeyde, Sulfate, Parabens and the list goes on. These ingredients found in commercial cleaning products are either absorbed through the skin or inhaled in their aromatic form. The associated industrial processes also harms the environment. A great resource for information can be found on Environment Working Group website

From the Earth Back to Earth

When nature herself has provided us a natural alternative solution, why should we chose to ignore it? Soapnuts are hand-picked, sun-dried, deseeded by hand, packed and shipped to you - all without industrial and chemical laden procesess. Used soapnut shells can be returned directly to the Earth since they are biodegradable and actually provide for some useful composting.


Using conventional detergent and cleaning liquids means that you help fuel environmental damage since most of these liquid is only water. The plastic containers as well as their transport adds to the unsustainable lifestyle harming the environment. Make that change to soapnuts and help make the Earth a better place.


Using soapnuts provides support for additional earnings for otherwise backward communities in the highlands of Nepal and India.

Soapnuts as a sustainable cleaning resource

  • All Natural

    Soapnuts are handpicked from wild and natural growing trees. The seeds are removed by hand and resulting shells are sun dried before being brought to you in their natural state ... cleaning as nature intended.

  • Safe to use

    Soapnuts are a hypoallergenic product, they can be used for most any purpose, from laundry to cleaning the windows. Not known to trigger common allergies, nor agitate sensitive skin, soapnuts are suitable for all normal uses.

  • Sustainable

    Used and reused multiple times the shells can eventually be returned to the earth. The trees themselves are not harmed, leaving them to grow more soapnuts season after season. From the Earth back to Earth.

  • Ecogreen

    Using soapnuts avoids plastic packaging containers that harm the environment. Soapnuts are densely packed with saponins, with water added at the point of use resulting in lower carbon footprint as a sustainable product.

  • Community Support

    Communities are provided with additional income that help improve their economic standing and provide for a better life.

  • Avoid Harmful Chemicals

    Parabens, Sulfates, Triclosan and many more chemicals used in industrial soap manufacture can get into your body transdermally— through the skin.

    Using all natural soapnuts avoids these harmful chemicals.